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PK Phalkun Commercial Co., LTD is a Cambodian owned real estate company, known as specialized commercial real estate firm of office sector in Cambodia. We are focused on total office sector services such as office leasing for tenants and landlords, project management, property marketing, property management and consultancy.

Phalkun Commercial’s competencies are well recognized because we deliver real values to the marketplace better than other competitors. What makes Phalkun Commercial standout is that we understand the perspectives of asset owners and investors, tenants and our own roles in this growing commercial real estate market category.

Commercial real estate assets are the part of clients’ financial portfolio. Phalkun Commercial is focused to help them maximize and protect it through strategic property asset management.


Our vision is to be the best commercial real estate partner, manager and investor in Asia.


To be the only go to commercial real estate solution provider in office sector.


PHALKUN COMMERCIAL teams pride ourselves on 4 core values: integrity, lean operation, forward thinking and responsibility. We are existed to serve the both sides of the coin such as Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Corporations and Investors to establish, grow and expand their portfolio. We see ourselves as your consultant, your team, and your partner in commercial real estate sector. Your business grows, we grow.

Your commercial real estate assets are the part of your financial portfolio. Let us help you maximize and protect it.


Office Leasing
Coworking Space Management
Serviced Office Management
Commercial Project Marketing
Property Management
Digital Marketing
Financial Modeling & Management
Facility Maintenance
Building Operation


Mey Phalkun_Managing Partner_Phalkun Commercial_Cambodia CRE Firm

Mey Phalkun

Managing Partner, Phalkun Commercial

10 years of professional working experience across 3 major industries; financial market, telecommunication and commercial real estate. He had explored coworking spaces as a user and through seminars since 2013 in Phnom Penh city. Eventually, business interest was built in 2017 while running a startup KHPages.com.  In 2018, he co-founded “Coworking Today”, coworking space and serviced office for freelancers, consultants, startups and small companies in Phnom Penh City.

He has strong passion and sharp vision for commercial properties in Cambodia, especially the evolutions of ways of working in office sector.