Who We Are

PK PHALKUN COMMERCIAL CO., LTD (known as Phalkun Commercial) is the first and only commercial real estate firm in Cambodia with professional expertise in flexible office sector. Without making the noise in the marketplace, our CRE firm is heard across Phnom Penh capital city of top real estate companies, major tenant networks, investors and even public sectors. Since 2017, our managing partner, Mr. Phalkun Mey, has explored the commercial real estate industry by creating values and profitability through strategic redevelopment and repositioning of underutilized properties in Phnom Penh City. We operate our firm by expertise and focus on commercial office buildings. With a reputation for proven performance, PHALKUN COMMERCIAL brand consistently earns trust as the specialised commercial real estate firm providing full office sector solutions for commercial property investment and new development projects in Cambodia. The projects we touch consistently yield above market financial returns for our clients, partners and investors.

Principles of Our Work

PHALKUN COMMERCIAL teams pride ourselves on 4 core values: integrity, lean operation, forward thinking and responsibility. We are existed to serve the both sides of the coin such as Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Corporations and Investors to establish, grow and expand their portfolio. We see ourselves as your consultant, your team, and your partner in commercial real estate sector. Your business grows, we grow.

Mey Phalkun, Managing Partner

We know how to market, lease, sell and manage your commercial properties.

We offer customized services for your need. Talk about financial increases using our services as your partner!

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